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Benefits of a Great CV when applying for a role

Your out to find that great job opportunity. You research the company or the agency, you feel comfortable that you can fulfil all the necessary details of the job vacancy advertised.

Then you send out the dreaded CV. Silence shortly follows, “Why”? You ask yourself.

Why did no one call me for an interview! Instead you got a rejection email, well at least you got that right, well it could have been worse no one bothering to contacting you at all.

So, you hear Zip, from the employer or the recruiter, just that deafening noise of silence.

The reason this happened is because of your poorly written CV did a great job of not selling you to the recruiter or employer!

A poorly written CV will not get you an interview with a prospective employer, the very fact that you have a great interview technique, are well spoken and have a pleasing personality will not make an ounce of difference if no one sees you.

Because the person reading your CV, sees nothing else but a poorly edited and executed CV on his computer screen.

So, what could a good CV, that is well written do for you in today’s job market.

A well written CV will create the right mindset towards the positive, rather than the negative.

A well written CV will increase confidence in yourself, it’s your sales presentation of you, describing your experience, your knowledge and your competency.

It allows you to build a good foundation in the mind of the reader, creating a personal picture of you, your skills and your personality.

A super good, well presented CV will reduce your legwork when it comes to looking for that great job opportunity.

It demonstrates who you are on paper, highlighting your strengths.

As a side note confidence is a skill not to be underestimated, confidence creates attention and makes you attractive as a person.

If you’re not great at putting together a good CV, then you have two choices at your disposal.

The first one is to get your CV professionally written up for you, or you could use a professional template which will allow you to gather your thoughts and allow your CV, to flow in the right direction, completing your investment of time put into your CV.

A well written CV using a CV template is like taking your CV to the Gym.  Helping you develop that gym body for CV’s.

If you concentrate on putting a well-structured CV together, this will show the best side of your reputation, knowledge and experience. This could see your income potential and self-worth increase.  It is worth noting that restricting your experience down to the last 8 to 10 years, will help to prevent a potential employer dismissing your CV due age, which is currently illegal, for an employer to ask your age, sexual preference or to demonstrate any predujice regarding the role.

We are not legal experts, however if you feel that this had occured during an interview it may be a good idea to seek legal advice.

This is one of the complaints of the more mature worker, who has a lot to offer not only in energy but experience too. So show your experience and and relevancy to the job role, rather than all your working experience.

When you send your CV to your target job opportunity, whether your sending your CV directly to an employer or through to an agency. The chances are really high that you will be contacted, by phone, email or text, because you detailed experience stands out, amongst the crowd.

You can also increase your profile by using various social media tools such as LinkedIn, to show case your experience, and your skills.

In summery up-scale your CV, show case your talent and get ready to zoom your career forward.

So that the reader of your CV has a stronger view of your abilities, which is allowing you to be ahead of the game.

By James Davis