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Why using A Recruitment Agency today to Find candidates with skills is a useful exercise?

Today the UK employment and job skills market are now starting to improve, it is nice to see that recruitment agencies such as Hunter and Thompson are literally expanding and thriving in a market that was stagnant but is now recovering. In fact, recruitment agencies businesses barely observed a reduction in employment opportunities over the past few years - with some agencies proudly displaying more opportunities for vacancies than have been previously advertised.

Why recruitment and agencies and why Hunter and Thompson?

A Recruitment agency is an organization where the chief operandi or goal is to offer their purchasers (businesses / organisations) with certified and skilled fit for purpose candidates. These agencies tend to deal with the whole Recruitment process, which may embody formatting and profiling of the job vacancy advertised, headhunting, CV sifting, CV candidate searches,  telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and candidate assessment as well as candidate recommendation.

From a business point-of-view, utilizing a recruitment agency is very useful because there will not be a need to hire an in-house HR team, which for some companies have really worked well, however for other companies the exercise has been a disaster, with no recruitment incentive for the HR team member other than keeping their job, whilst working to find a suitable candidate, the task at hand becomes difficult for the employer.

Sifting through candidates who are not suitable, who do not have the right skills, or the person simply is not interested in the role can be a boring job to perform, this is why some in house recruitment teams just do not work, despite the employer’s best efforts, this is one reason why jobs that are placed on a potential companies website, can go unfulfilled for months, sometimes years. That’s why an incentive driven recruiter will work harder to find that skilled candidate who is an expert in the field.

How recruitment companies can help you to get a Job in today’s market

Because recruitment companies like Hunter and Thompson work with multiple clients, they're often advertising for a number of vacancies across a number of market sectors. This is especially excellent for candidates who have a large and diversified skill set, which could be applied for different job roles.

In addition to this, because businesses normally specialize in specific job markets, they often solely work with corporations who recruit within their markets. For example, a company specialising in call centre recruitment would solely work with call centres.

This might be extraordinarily beneficial for candidates who have a specific talent set and are looking for an employment opportunity within a niche market. Typically talking, candidates who concentrate on a technical job position (similar to Info Know-how) have problem sometimes finding employment - because local corporations are effectively relying on their website to find the right candidate.

This is excellent idea, but not always effective, because a recruitment agency job is to be proactive in searching for candidates to present to a potential employer, negotiate good rate for that candidate as best as possible, by getting the employer who may understand his market, but not the work in relation to pay.

Now that we are in Brexit, employers will now have to understand that if they want people with skills, because there is a candidate skills shortage, they will now have to stump up more money in pay and working conditions. Which is beginning to happen because employers are now in a fight, more than ever before to get that sought-after candidate, because today the British candidate has more choice job wise.

Consider this, you’re employer who is looking for a Java developer, no problem you might say, however now there are 10 competitive companies in your field and area, looking for that same Java developer with the right skills, who is an expert in the field, has the right personality and work ethic, in this post Brexit arena this sought-after candidate now has choice. That person is able to look at pay, working conditions and company ethics, with the help of the recruiter, the recruiter could make that difference in that person joining you or your competitor.

This is where recruitment agencies present a novel and bespoke service to candidates and companies alike. Not only can candidates immediately apply to the recruitment agency for that advertised job vacancy, however the recruitment company will also be able to directly influence the business purchaser who may not be ready to market themselves properly using the right channel of advertising for that particular job.

Since employment businesses earn a retainer for every candidate successfully placed within a company, recruitment companies like Hunter and Thompson do take candidate search and placement very seriously.

Plus, employers must start to realise that candidate confidentiality is guaranteed by them using a recruitment agency, as opposed to applying directly, candidates are now understanding and appreciating this fact.

Finding a skilled job can typically seem like a difficult process and is sometimes a frustrating one – Overall, recruitment agencies only earn when a  given candidate starts in the position - and so it always of great interest to the agency to be working for the mutual benefit of the business client and the candidate; making searching for a suitable job role that matches the skills of the candidate a little bit easier.